Mar 21 2017
Posted by Alexandra Gauvreau

7 Reasons Stay at Home Moms Should Start Their Own Online Business

Being a stay at home mom is a full-time job on its own, us moms know that. So why add the burden of another job to your plate? For some, it may seem too much, but for others, it’s exactly what they need. But you won’t know till you try! Here are 7 reasons to run a side business hustle while being a SAHM.

1. Income
Obviously the biggest reason anyone would consider running a business is to make money, and in this case, it’s no different. In most scenario, if you’re in a partnership, your husband is probably the main breadwinner during the time you’re at home with your kids. He may start feeling the pressure to work harder due to the fact that there’s only one income, so having your own side business would definitely ease the financial tension within the family.

2. Networking
By growing your online business you will have to network with like minded individuals that have the same aspirations and interests as you. By doing this, you will build great relationships not only in business but also friendship.

3. “You” time
When you establish your designated business time, you’ll feel good doing something that contributes to you and your projects rather than catering to your child’s or house’s needs.

4. Create a future lifestyle for you and your family
You can take your business high as the sky, and make amazing things happen. You can live a life without constraints and a life of financial freedom where you and your family can just pick up and go anywhere, at any time. If you want to dream big and want a multi-million dollar business, all you have to do is push, push, push and with time, if you don’t give up anything can be achieved.

5. Self-growth and independence
When creating a business you’ll notice changes within yourself. You’ll find that you’re constantly learning new things and applying new tactics in your business and in your personal life. By working on yourself and seeing growth in your business you’ll automatically gain confidence and walk that much taller than you did before. On top of it, making your own money gives you the chance to budget for things you want to do for yourself, like a manicure or buy that cute pair of shoes you were eyeing without any guilt of spending.

6. Teaching your children
If you become successful enough in your business to surpass your previous job income, imagine the message you’ll be sending to your children. You’re setting a great example to them, showing them that they can work on their own terms, schedule, be free to make money their way and find happiness by spending their day doing what they love.

7. Happiness is key
Bottom line, the top reason for running a business is to take that skill or passion and turn it into something that brings in income but also a sense of reward. That feeling you’ll have knowing you built your own business from the ground up and proving you could accomplish grand things. The fact that you could be following your calling and truly utilizing your unique set of skills and deliver authentic value to an audience is empowering and rewarding to anyone.

These are just some of the reasons why you should try running an online business and seeing what it would bring you. If you want to know how to create a business from scratch you can receive the 6-day series that shows you what steps you need to take!


Mar 21, 2017