Feb 12 2017
Posted by Alexandra Gauvreau

How to Sell Something Online Today (Without a Website)

No website? No Etsy or Shopify shop? No problem. What I’m about to show you is an extremely easy way to sell a product, service or media.

Whatever hobby project you have up your sleeves, you can sell with Gumroad. Even if you don’t have a brand, logo or the whole business setup yet, you can see if people are willing to buy from you, even before investing too much time into this new business idea.

So how do you do this? Gumroad is a website that allows you to add a physical, digital product or a service to sell from their site. How is this different from an Esty or Shopify shop page? Gumroad allows you to make a super quick setup, easily add your product and make a pretty link to share on your Facebook feed (or other social media). You can also send your special link through email. It’s as simple as that, it takes about 5 minutes for the whole process, minus the time it makes you knit up that one product or rig up a quick summary of a service you want to offer. Start with a simplified approach, like a flat fee for a 1 month family and budget friendly meal plan, or a 1-hour consultation in something you specialize in. If you need more ideas as to what you can sell online head over to 21 Online Business Ideas for Moms.

Now let’s get started on setting up your first service or product on Gumroad!



Feb 12, 2017